Haha777 Jiaduobao Fortune Treasure Slot Machine

Haha777 Fortune Treasure Slot Machine is an online slot machine game designed and published by JDB Gaming. They feature a unique symbol on the palace reels featuring two animated golden lions for a hilarious visual effect.

Treasure Treasure has 5 reels and offers 243 ways to win. Among the symbols commonly found in online slot machines, you will find nine of them: Five Jade Symbols Playing Cards, Bamboo, Lucky Money, Gold Ingots and Money Tree.

A golden lion with green eyes depicts the symbol of the forest. This is a classic pendant symbol that can substitute for all symbols except blue and red gemstones.

The treasure holding and rotation functions will bring more free opportunities and multipliers to the game. During the free game rounds, the multiplier will increase to 66x, allowing you to stay lucky and earn noble papers without pain!

How to play Fortune Treasure Slot All winning combinations are paid out only if they appear in the correct position (starting from the left) on adjacent reels. All winning combination numbers are multiplied by the bet. The number of winning symbols that appear on the scroll. per reel. The highest Lol 646 combination pays per spin for each symbol. Inventory tags.

Hold and Spin Function Any 6 to 14 blue and red gems can activate the Hold and Spin function. The blue and red free spins bonus symbols will remain on the reels and this feature will be maintained. During the hold and spin feature, any new blue and red gems will be activated. The red free spins bonus symbols that appear will be retained and the other reels will return. Until the symbols no longer appear or fill the spin reels, the Hold and Spin feature will end and the Free Spins bonus multipliers and spins are collected.

Free Spins Bonus Any 15 blue gems will provide free spins, while red gems will increase the winning factor. The multiplier is the main multiplier for the free spins bonus. Each free spin will be doubled, with a maximum multiplier of 66. During the free spins bonus, any 6 or more blue and red gems can generate additional free spins and multipliers, up to a maximum of 50 free spins. Free spins, in addition to 15 blue and red gems. All winnings are multiplied by the free spins multiplier. paytable.

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Haha777 Fortune Treasure slot machine is famous for its high return rate and is the slot machine with the largest jackpot. When you become a Haha777 member, you can receive the welcome bonus and 100% deposit bonus?, come and log in!